Most Effective Freeby used by Promoters

Published: 10th March 2009
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Being one of the most efficient giveaways used by marketers, custom attire serves as a multi-functional promotional tool as it cuts across industries. Commonly used for company activities such as trade displays, conferences and fund raising events, custom clothing like polo shirts, tank tops, jackets, caps, pullovers, vests and hoodies are quite stylish and given high regard since they are viewed as useful and very much appreciated. Without a doubt, custom attire is the most widely adaptable promotional product. It comes in various hues and styles to suit your company logo and image. Printed t-shirts are frequently used in team-building, tree-planting, fund raising, outings, and other company activities. Custom tank tops have been used as uniforms to identify participants in sports events like marathons and fun runs.These type of printed apparel is used to drive membership sign-ups for gyms, health clubs and other exclusive groups.

Custom apparel and accessories such as scarves and bandannas can be handed out as business gifts for special occasions to build a sense of belonging. As part of uniforms in airline, shipping and hospitality industries, they brand your employees as ambassadors spreading your corporate goodwill.

Furthermore, these imprinted items are used in schools as uniforms for varsity teams, cheerleaders and gym classes. They are also sold as souvenir shops to serve as memorabilia for those who have left their school and are reminders of the special years they had in that campus. Personalized apparel such as jackets, sweatpants, hoodies, baseball caps, and pullovers helps promote team spirit and unity as well among college and university students who came from the same alma mater. A die-hard USC Trojan, for instance, will not be caught wearing a UCLA sweatshirt.

With the advent of the information age, adding a logo and personalization on custom apparel has become easier than ever. Custom clothing is all around us. Whether it was a hand out or purchased, it is quite rare that you see anyone nowadays wearing clothing without an imprint or embroidery.


Eva is a Promotional Adviser specializing on Custom Promotional Shirts, Custom Uniforms and Personalized Caps with Logo.

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